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March 02, 2018

Client facing a maximum of two (2) years in prison found NOT GUILTY ON TWO COUNTS OF DRIVING WHILE IMPAIRED.

Client facing a maximum of two (2) years in prison found NOT GUILTY ON TWO COUNTS OF DRIVING WHILE IMPAIRED. Client, a bus driver for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and a private charter company, was charged after his bus was involved in an accident on I-85 South.  Case brought to trial in Cabarrus County where the district attorney and state trooper failed to produce any evidence that client used an impairing substance.

January 23, 2018

KHA Attorney's Represent National Activist

January 23, 2018

Student, Summer Bonds, Not Allowed To Particapte In Graduation Ceremony

Ken Harris & Associates represents Ms. Summer Bond. As many are aware, Summer was previously advised that she would be excluded from the upcoming Hickory Ridge School graduation.

Initially, a level 1 grievance was filed with Hickory Ridge. On June 2, 2017, that grievance was denied. Subsequently, on June 6, 2017, our Firm filed a Level 2 grievance requesting that Summer’s 10 day suspension be expunged and that she be allowed to participate in the Hickory Ridge Graduation ceremony. The Level 2 grievance was presented to the Superintendent of Cabarrus County Schools.

As of Friday afternoon at 5:00pm no ruling had been made concerning the Level 2 grievance.

It is our understanding that the Superintendent has up to ten school days to respond to a Level 2 grievance. In light of that deadline and in the absence of any early decision, it appears that Summer will be unable to participate in the Hickory Ridge Graduation ceremony this weekend.

That said, Summer will, indeed, receive her diploma from Hickory Ridge and advance with her ambitious education plans. We have secured a commitment from counsel for the school system that Summer’s diploma will be delivered today so that she can engage in a private same day celebration of her graduation. As an honor student, Summer is extremely proud of her record of academic accomplishment. And, she looks forward to beginning her college experience in the fall. Summer is appreciative of concerning the positive messages and well wishes from the Concord community and beyond. And, she looks forward to providing an update on her educational pursuits as her college career progresses.  


Attorney Ken Harris

December 19, 2017

The Pitfalls of Taking Early Retirement

What can possibly be the downfall of an early retirement? Learn here

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